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We are the first Spanish company to obtain SEMA certification

In 2008, our technicians were certified by the prestigious Storage Equipment Manufacturer’s Association in rack safety awareness procedures. This made us the first Spanish company to obtain SEMA certification.


The audit will enable you not only protect your workers and comply with regulations; it will also help you minimise the cost of repairs and adopt preventive measures to bring about improvements in your warehouse.

Clients can exempt themselves from liability by reducing their level of risk and complying with regulations

Avoid consequences and liabilities incurred as a result of possible injury to persons resulting from a FAILURE to conduct audits in accordance with UNE EN 15635, and which are described in RD 1215/1997. Clients must meet the following obligations:

  • Equipment must be suitable for the work to be carried out.
  • Guarantee health and safety.
  • Adopt measures to reduce risk.
  • Maintain storage systems in a manner appropriate for their use.
  • Conducting periodical audits and providing training to employees on their use and risks.

In accordance with:

  1. Royal Decree 1215/1997. Minimum health and safety standards for the use of work equipment. The metal shelves are work equipment.
  2. Safety Note NTP 852. Storage on metal shelves. Risks to persons and measures for their prevention.
  3. UNE EN 15635. Storage on metal shelves

Application and use:

Point Inspections by an expert.
Storage equipment must be inspected at intervals of no more than 12 months.

Why audit?

Resultados revisión: Puntales dañados con estanterías cargadas

Damaged struts with loaded shelving.

Largueros sin clavijas de seguridad

Cross-bars with no safety pins.


With our TSA, you guarantee the safety of your operatives and benefit from a minimisation of  repairs in accordance with regulations.

  1. It protects your personnel and merchandise
    • By reporting struts, cross-beams, and other components in poor condition.
    • Detection of bad practice.
    • By providing information on the latest safety measures.
  2. Compliant with
    • RD 1215 /1997. Minimum health and safety standards for the use of work equipment.
    • NTP 852. Storage on metal shelves.
    • RD 486 /1997. Minimum provisions for health and safety in the workplace.
    • UNE EN 58001. Storage on metal shelves. Classification and definitions.
    • UNE EN 58013. Storage on metal shelves. Requisites for the treatment of damaged components.
  3. Extends the useful life of your installations
    • The detection of the origin of possible faults and preventative measures.
    • Practical improvements to inspections guarantee that information obtained is reliable.
  4. Minimises repairs
    • A detailed report on the materials to be replaced.
    • Materials to be replaced grouped together according to the extent of deterioration.
  5. Exemption from liability
    • Legal protection for the business and for individuals with the TSA seal.
  6. Independence from the manufacturer
    • After-sales report issued with no commercial interests at play.
    • Objective information according to the standard shelf safety procedure, in accordance with SEMA (the "Storage Equipment Manufacturer’s Association")..


Have a TSA shelf audit conducted now. A TSA shelf audit is a standardised and customised service available nationwide.

Accreditation of personnel

SEMA ("Storage Equipment Manufacturer’s Association") Rack Safety Awareness procedures


More than 15 years in logistics environments


The Iberian peninsula and the Balearic Islands

Documentation provided

Technical document with:
   - Details of items damaged, and the seriousness of said damage.
   - Recommendations and good practices.
   - Possible cause of faults.

Labels identifying each item damaged


Document in accordance with standards

Yes. TSA seal

Customised service

Yes, via telephone and e-mail. Free for the first year after
Auditoría técnica de estanterías

Shelf audit

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