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Innovative storage system that optimizes material handling, both in its location and preparation operations.

Storeganizer is a storage system using columns with vertically suspended easy-access industrial fabric pockets, recommended for managing assortments with a high number of references but little movement.

Among its main features:

- Capable of supporting up to a weight of 100 kg per column.

- 10-year guarantee.

- Possibility of various dimensions and accessories (covers, fronts, etc . . . )

- Easy installation and access to different depths through a sliding system.

Benefitts: Storeganizer: almacenamiento de alta densidad

Space optimization - en

Ergonomic - en

Productivity increase - en

Easy adaptability to conventional storage systems - en

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Benefits: Storeganizer: high-density storage

Space optimization


Productivity increase

Easy adaptability to conventional storage systems