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Spanish multinational dedicated to the transport of goods and other related services (such as storage and logistics distribution), for the execution of its motorized transport system for goods at its platform in Amsterdam (Holland).

For this, ET Systems has defined a solution with the Interroll product, of which it is an authorized ROI partner, for the delivery of complete packages to the dispatch area through gravity lines by routes. In addition, it has integrated weighing and volumetric measurement elements into the motorized transport system, all managed through its control PLC, which is intercommunicated with the Grupo SESÉ ERP for bidirectional exchange of information (package received, dimensions, weight , validation, etc...), at which point its exit ramp is determined. As general characteristics, the motorized load transport system has been defined between the two (2) storage areas of the Platform, the full box and the picking area. Through Grupo SESÉ's SGA, the collection and identification of packages is carried out and they are incorporated into the continuous transport system for their conduction to the dispatch area. Prior to knowing its exit destination (by means of gravity ramps), there is a real-time communication of the package so that volumetric and weight variables are validated, and if everything coincides, it is assigned an exit, being able to manage this final area by weight. of the packages, avoiding deformations in the boxes. Once the material is ready at each exit ramp, it is palletized for delivery to the exit door. Although ET Systems was already a partner of Grupo SESÉ at a national level for other logistics solutions in its portfolio, this Project has initiated a new stage of relationship in the development of motorized transport solutions between the two.