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Traslado de almacenes


Turnkey management of the dismantling, transport, and assembly of installations on a new site. We adapt to the schedules required by the client, in order to minimise stoppage times.

Automated warehouses: Include a full inspection of installation and start-up. Where necessary, we adapt equipment measurements to the dimensions of the new installation site.

Shelves: Together with the transfer, a technical audit (TSA) and the replacement of damaged materials are available.

Modernización de almacenes


We will modernise your logistics warehouse. We replace obsolete components with new technology, adapting the installation to current safety regulations.

Make your installation more efficient by incorporating new tools, and reduce maintenance costs.

Motors, variators, power control systems, firmware, software, and other types of technology are evolving towards systems that are more efficient and environmentally-friendly. For this reason, we encourage our clients to resort to this type of intervention.

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